Cydia Tweak SBProfiles 1.5-1

r00t May 21, 2012

Cydia Tweak SBProfiles has been update, SBProfiles 1.5-1 works with iOS 5 or higher.

SBProfiles 1.5-1 lets you to merge your SBSettings toggles into profiles that can be induced at a presented time or manually applied over a Quick Gain access to Menu from any sort of app or even from your Lock Display. Profiles can additionally be triggered immediately based upon which WiFi network you’re connected to. (i.e. you may have one profile when on your Property WiFi, an additional one when on your Job WiFi and a 3rd one when no WiFi is offered).

Each profiles can be configured to switch a series of toggles on or off in the order that you specify. This allows you to fine tune all your settings exactly the way you want them to be depending on your location or time of day.

As an example, when you’re home you might just want to turn WiFi and your Ringer on, but turn Vibrate, Bluetooth and Cellular Data off. However when you’re at work, you could desire WiFi as well as Vibrate on yet Ringer off. And when you’re asleep, you might just prefer Plane on as well as leave anything else untouched.

Alongside shifting toggles on or off, each profile permits you to set your show’s brightness level, your technique amount, or your ringtone size. You may even program your tool to respring or reboot at a presented time and on specified days of the month.

SBProfiles is available in the following languages:

  • English
  • French
  • German (thank you Markus)
  • Spanish (thank you Carlos)

What’s new in SBProfiles version 1.5-1

  • Fixed an issue with WiFi triggering when moving from one WiFi network to another
  • Added Charger/Power triggering
  • Added Bluetooth triggering
  • Added ability to launch an app when triggering a profile
  • Added Italian translation (Thanks Emidio)

Download SBProfiles 1.5-1 available in Cydia via the BigBoss Repo for free and supports iOS 5.

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