DroidSheep Guard

r00t April 10, 2012



DroidSheep Guard runs silently and monitores your phones ARP-Table. As long as everything looks normal, it will be invisible. But in case it detects suspicious entries in your phones ARP-Table, it will pop up and warn you. If you want, the WiFi connection is disabled immediately to protect your accounts.

DroidSheep Guard works with all ARP-Based attacks, like DroidSheep and Faceniff use and even “handmade” attacks will be identified. It monitors your ARP-Table and alerts on any unusual change to this table. So use it to secure your Facebook, ebay, Twitter, LinkedIn etc accounts from “Man In The Middle” attacks on public WiFi.

DroidSheep Guard works ON ALL ANDROID PHONES! (not only rooted ones!)

Download DroidSheep Guard available in play.google for free and supports all android phones.

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