How To Install OpenVPN On Android

r00t January 9, 2012


First need rooted your device to install busybox, OpenVPN installer

You need properly configured TUN driver, OpenVPN will connect to the VPN but you will not be able to actually use. Driver file tun.ko will vary depending on your phone and kernel. The correct tun.ko can only be provided by the person/group who provided you your Android kernel, need tun.ko on /system/lib/modules

Install busybox
Install OpenVPN on directory /system/xbin, or /system/xbin/bb

Open terminal:


#mkdir -p /system/xbin/bb

#ln -sfn /system/xbin/ifconfig /system/xbin/bb/ifconfig

#ln -sfn /system/xbin/route /system/xbin/bb/route

#mkdir /sdcard/openvpn

Start OpenVPN Settings and enable OpenVPN

Next load tun kernel mode check
tun modules setting > insmod > /system/lib/modules/tun.ko
copy file config, ca, crt, keys, di /sdcard/openvpn/
open openvpn setting and check all

If OpenVPN not connecting please check:

1. tun.ko (check enable tun.ko)

#cat /dev/tun

"invalid length" or "file descriptor in bad state" is tun.ko enable

2. Ifconfig & route
3. Check openvpn running

Open terminal:

#cd /sdcard/openvpn

#openvpn namaconf.ovpn

Via: DroidCamp

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