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r00t February 13, 2012



Ubuntu installer is the easiest application that helps you install Ubuntu on your Android, without hassles. All you need is a rooted Android having kernel with Loop support.

Setup is very simple, the app downloaded from market includes everything you need to install Ubuntu. It endorses a customized Ubuntu 10.10 image optimized for the ARM processor.

The advantage of this Ubuntu installer over other is that it allows you to run a full Ubuntu system within android. i.e. You can still make calls, text, and use android without having to reboot your phone, no dualbooting or multibooting required.


Ubuntu Installers’ Key features:

  • Run ubuntu within Android.
  • Access to both Android & Ubuntu at same time.
  • Highly optimized for ARM devices.
  • LXDE Desktop (very lightweight)
  • Ubuntu update manager, Software centre fully operational.
  • File system access: Ability to access files on your SD card and internal memory from Ubuntu.
  • Set resolution: Ability to set screen size on boot (you no longer have to download a certain image for different screen sizes!)
  • Choose Ubuntu Installation type: ‘large‘ and ‘lightweight‘

Large version includes:

  • Download size: 1.5GB, Installation size: 3.5GB.
  • UI: Gnome, LXDE
  • Lots of Apps, idealistic for development: Firefox, Thunderbird, suite, GIMP Image Editor, Emacs Text Editor (geared towards programming), C and C++ build-essential, Java JDK, Python, TeXlive and TeXmaker LaTeX editor, Transmission BitTorrent Client, eVince PDF Viewer, File Manager, Terminal, Image Viewer, Leafpad Text Editor, Synaptic Package Manager and Ubuntu Software Center with all repositories enabled, SSH server, Gnash.

Lightweight image includes:

  • Download size: 500MB, Installation size: 2.5GB once.
  • Basic apps required for everything to work.


Ubuntu Installer Compatibility chart for Android phones / tablets:

Device Name ROM Kernel
Acer Iconia A500 TegraOwners ICS v96 Thor v3.9r15
Asus Eee Pad Transformer krakd razzle dazzle
Atrix 4G Cyanogenmod faux123′s kernel
Archos 101 Internet Tablet UrukDroid UrukDroid
Dell Streak Mini 5 DSC DSC
Galaxy Player 4.0 Stock 2.3.5 Stock
HTC Desire Ginger Villain 3.3 Ginger Villain 3.3
HTC Desire HD Icy-smoke RCMIX3D-V11.1
HTC Desire S Most Roms Any other than stock
HTC Droid Incredible 2 Sabotage Sense v1.2 drelisdees #21
HTC EVO 3D Stoc Stock
HTC Flyer WiFi 16GB LeeDroid honeycomb LeeDroid honeycomb
HTC Glacier Absolution tdj darkside 12 cm
HTC inspire 4g Cyanogenmod 7 Cyanogenmod 7
HTC Thunderbolt Liquid Gingerbread v 3.2 Liquid Gingerbread v 3.2
Kindle Fire Stock Stock
Samsung Captivate Cyanogenmod 7 Cyanogenmod 7
Samsung Galaxy Note (GT-N7000) Stock 2.3.5 Stock
Samsung Galaxy Nexus AOKP build 21 Franco kernel #15
Samsung Nexus S Cyanogenmod 7 Cyanogenmod 7
Samsung Vibrant ICS ICS
Motorola Photon 4G Jokercomplete V1 MoPhoACTV Initiative
Transformer Prime Stock Stock
Xperia Neo NEO SE.TWEAKED Inteks Kernel Clean OC


Download Ubuntu Installer from AndroidMarket.

Via: Geeknizer

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